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Arena Design

curlingA skating rink’s ice surface is maintained by a refrigeration system that runs chilled brine through a piping system embedded within the concrete floor. Often a “hot deck” system runs warmer brine below the slab to prevent frost heaving and resulting cracks that can occur.

Dehumidifications systems are also vital as they ensure condensation does not occur and also reduces the heat load on your floor’s refrigeration system.  A proper ventilation system ensures adequate fresh air for your spectators and skaters.

Looking to renovate your ice rink, or exploring opportunities to reduce your energy use and emissions?  Let Delta-T assist in the design or analysis of your ice arena.  Contact us to find out more.


Related Arena Design Projects

Delta-T is currently designing a dehumidification system for the Priest Valley Arena in Vernon, BC.  Humidity from ice resurfacing, skaters,