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Indoor Air Quality (I.A.Q.)

With the recent pandemic of COVID-19 indoor air quality is more important than ever. We can design upgrades to your current facility to ensure your staff and customers are better protected with additional filtration, ample fresh air, and strategically designed airflow patterns.

Heat recovery ventilators (HRVs) can be added to your facility to increase exhaust and fresh air rates while at the same time recapturing the heat to keep your system as energy efficient as possible. Filtration systems such as HEPA filters can be added to capture virus particles or in-duct UV lights to sterilize pathogens. Also, by strategically locating and balancing air supplies and exhaust grilles we can create air patterns that further isolate sections of your building and minimize the spread of airborne particles.

A recent project Delta-T completed was significant upgrades to the HVAC system at the Care Dental Office in Kelowna, BC. Each dental chair was fitted with an individual exhaust grille and positively pressurized areas surrounding containing air borne particles to each patient’s localized area.